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Anya Senior Portraits (Part Three: Saltair)

Anya Senior Portraits (Part Two: Fall Foilage)

Kendall Senior Portraits (Part Two: Fall Foilage)

Anya Senior Portraits (Part One: Street Art)

Kendall Senior Portraits (Part One: Street Art)

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari (video slideshow)

Kandice & Jeff

Heidi & Mark: Wedding

Heidi & Mark: Wedding Prep

Heidi & Mark: Bridals

Giants 2012 T-Ball

Maya Part Two


Larsen Family Portraits

Austin & Elise: Wedding

Austin & Elise: Bridals

Austin & Elise: Engaged

Austin & Elise: The Many Faces...

Kerby Family Fall 2011

Jared & Janet

A. Homecoming

Anni A. 2011

Byington 2011

Kira & Zac 2011 Family Photos

Kira & Zac 2011 Family Photos (Part 2)

Johnson Fall 2010 Photos

Chantee & Naisha Senior Photos

Karyn & Brock Wedding

Scott & Christi Wedding

Karyn & Brock Bridals

Williams Family Portraits

Stephen & Laurel Wedding

Kristin Bridals

Laurel Bridal Edits

Laurel Bridal Photos

Stephen & Laurel Engagement Edits

Stephen & Laurel Engagements

Brewer Family Fall 2009 Edits

Byington Family 2009

Ben & Felicity Reception

Ben & Felicity Wedding

2009 Fall Children's Portraits

Scott & Christi Edited Engagements

Kristin and RJ: Engagements

Jared: Reunion Portraits

Aurora: Reunion Portraits

Maverick: Reunion Portraits

Kathi: Reunion Portraits

Kevin & Kayla Reception

Felicity Bridals

Scott & Christi Engagements

Kailey: Reunion Portraits

Ben & Felicity Engagements (Part 2)

Bria & Garrett Reception

Bria & Garrett Wedding

Ben & Felicity Engagements

Kevin & Kayla Wedding

Kevin & Kayla Bridals: Edits

Kevin & Kayla Bridals

Kandice & Kelsie Reunion Portraits

2009 Andersen Family Edits

2009 Andersen Family Portraits

Ellie B.'s Baby Blessing

2009 Clark-Johnson "mini-Reunion"

2009 Schultz Family Reunion

Sheila McKay: Reunion Portraits

Bria's Bridals: Edits

Bria's Bridals

Kevin & Kayla Engagements: Edits

Bria & Garrett Engagements: Edits

Bria & Garrett Engagements: Memory Grove

Bria & Garrett Engagements: Great Salt Lake

Kevin & Kayla Engagements

Baby Grace: 6 Months

Perkins Wedding & Reception

Mortimer Family Pictures (Big Bear Park)

Kiko's Quinceañera Portraits

Amanda Bridals

Daniel & Amanda Engagements

Byington Family (Easter Sunday)

Byington Family (Vivian Park)

Rutherford Family

Marti & Andrew

Brenda's Quinceañera Party

Brenda's Quinceañera Ceremony

Brenda's Quinceañera Portraits

Kira & Zac Wedding: Vancouver, WA

Kira & Zac Bridals: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Kira & Zac Engagements: Wheeler Farm

Ben & Wendi Bridals

Ben & Wendi Engagements

Kelli Bridals

Nick & Kelli Engagements

Misty & Jose Bridals

Misty & Jose

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For more pictures, check out my blog at http://alanjphoto.blogspot.com/.